Call for papers: Knowledge-Based Economy In Qatar

The Department of International Affairs at Qatar University is organizing an international conference titled: “Knowledge-Based Economy In Qatar: Trends and Opportunities For Interdisciplinary Research And Policy” (27-28 October 2019), with a specific focus on the Qatar and the MENA region; in collaboration with the Gulf Studies Center in Qatar University.

The main goal of this scientific conference is to bring together leading researchers
and stakeholders from a range of disciplines to discuss and share the most recent
research results and international best practices regarding the constitutive
dimensions of the knowledge-based economy namely, information and
communications technology (ICT), innovation, education and entrepreneurship.

Conference Themes:
Consequently, the conference includes four themes representing the four constitutive
dimensions of the knowledge-based economy:

1. ICT: The knowledge-based economy is a result of the growing significance
of ICT applied to multiple sectors. ICT provides access to knowledge,
information and communications, which are today, the most significant
elements in economic and social interactions. Furthermore, ICT forms the
backbone of several industries such as health technology (Health Tech),
financial technology (Fin Tech), sport technology (Sport Tech), etc. and it
will revolutionize the existing banking, health and sport models.

2. Innovation: Knowledge production including R&D and its effective use
are the core features of a knowledge-based economy and pre-requisites to
all types of innovation. Encouraging the innovation would need to entail
creating a framework that would facilitate the cooperation among
industries, universities and government institutions to build a system of

3. Education: Education plays an important role in the knowledge-based
economy, as it produces skillful and qualified human resources that can
cope with recent developments in technological fields. A successful
transition toward the knowledge-based economy depends on long-term
investment in education, which increase innovation capability.

4. Entrepreneurship: The knowledge-based economy implies greater levels
of entrepreneurship in response to rapid technological change and
opportunities for innovation. To understand entrepreneurship, location is
important because entrepreneurship is a socially and geographically rooted
process and entrepreneurs depend on cooperative and productive
relationships among different organizations.

The conference seeks papers engaging with the following topics:

1. Economic diversification and knowledge-based economy: dynamics and

2. ICT and knowledge-based economy: recent developments in ICT: Fin Tech,
Health Tech and Sport Tech

3. Education, Human capital and knowledge-based economy

4. Innovation: innovation system, R&D and knowledge exchanges

5. Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship education, obstacles and barriers to
entrepreneurship; and entrepreneurship ecosystem

6. Knowledge-based economy policies : role of the governments and institutions
and international best practices

Conference Dates:
27th and 28th of October 2019

Accepted papers will be published in a scholarly peer-reviewed journal/book
providing that the author(s) present the work at the Conference. Given that papers
will be peer-reviewed and should enhance knowledge and contribute to the current
debate regarding the issue, publication is not guaranteed.

How to apply
Interested participants need to submit an abstract of 250-300 words as well as an
updated CV to:, before 11 August 2019. Candidates whose
abstracts are accepted will be notified in September 2019. Abstracts can be in
English or in Arabic.

The two-day conference will take place in Qatar University- Administration
Building, Conference Hall B01.

Practical Information
All presenters whose papers are accepted for the Conference will have their travel
expenses and accommodation arranged and paid for by the organizers, as well as all
the Conference lunches and dinners.


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