Summer Youth Program Leader

The Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP) - Arabic is currently hiring experienced educators to lead a group of high school students on their U.S. exchange in summer 2020, conducted entirely in Arabic!

The Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP) - Undergraduate is currently hiring experienced educators to lead a group of university level participants on their U.S. exchange in summer 2020!

Youth Program leaders facilitate an immersion exchange program in the US for 3 to 4 weeks with youth from Iraq, Mexico, and Canada in groups of 25 to 100 students. World Learning Youth Programs encourage cultural exchange and strengthen ties between youth in different countries with their American peers. Leaders maximize the wellbeing of participants in order to foster meaningful and memorable learning experiences by facilitating workshops, dialogue sessions and teambuilding activities, addressing health and safety, coordinating program logistics, and collaborating with a large staff team to address and support group dynamics. Leaders deliver educational content and are knowledgeable in the design and delivery of active, engaging workshops on current global issues, civic activism, social justice, volunteerism, leadership skills and project planning. During the host community portion of the program, leaders represent World Learning and manage partner relationships with integrity and professionalism, oversee the delivery and continuity of program curriculum, and monitor and support participants’ adjustment to the host family experience.

Leaders are dedicated to the field of youth development and love working directly with young people. Leaders have extensive experience with youth education, travel logistics and management know-how, experience with health, safety and risk management, and are ready to spend a month living and learning with their participants. They are dynamic, flexible, energetic and team players who succeed in multifaceted, intense, fast-paced and collaborative environments. They are professionals who are responsible, and able to manage challenges and uncertainty with poise and compassion. Youth Programs staff teams are paired strategically to complement one another and provide comprehensive support to all members of their groups.

--Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion—

World Learning Youth Exchange values equity and inclusion, and our programs are committed to recruiting and supporting participants of historically underrepresented communities. Our leaders represent various geographic, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds, and are skilled in creating inclusive group environments for their participants.

For detailed information about each program and position, please look over our website carefully.

Learn more about World Learning Youth Programs at Find more leader-specific info at
including leader responsibilities, benefits, hiring timeline, application checklist, and FAQs.

Apply online at

--Final application deadline: January 20, 2020--

Qualified applicants for IYLEP Arabic (bilingual in English and Arabic with youth education experience) may inquire about applying after January 20th by emailing


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