NEH-Funded Summer Seminar on Radio & Decolonization

The directors of "Radio and Decolonization", a two-week NEH-funded summer seminar at the University of Denver for higher education faculty members, invite applications. The seminar is aimed at those interested in decolonization and in the political, social, and cultural impacts of radio and sound technologies, offering intellectual frameworks and practical tools for incorporating sound into scholarship and pedagogy. Directed by Andrea Stanton (University of Denver), Alejandra Bronfman (SUNY Albany), and Rebecca Scales (RIT). Seminar runs June 29-July 10.

The NEH provides stipend funding for each accepted participant: $2100 per person for a two-week seminar. The stipend is intended to help cover the costs of travel, housing, meals, books and other research materials, and incidentals. Stipends are taxable, and all applicants should note that the stipend amount is fixed.

Graduate students, contingent faculty, and full-time faculty in all fields and at all ranks are welcome to apply.

Please visit for more details.


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