UVA Summer Language Institute

The University of Virginia Arabic Program is pleased to announce its intensive summer language program offered through the Summer Language Institute. This summer we are offering Arabic Level One and Arabic Level Two. Arabic Level One students will learn the equivalent of two semesters of Introductory Arabic (8 credits) in an eight-week period. Arabic Level Two students will learn the equivalent of two semesters of Intermediate Arabic (8 credits) plus an introduction to Levantine Colloquial (1 credit), for a total of 9 credits.

Program Dates: Sunday, June 14 - Friday, August 7, 2020
UVA SLI Website: sli.virginia.edu
E-mail: uvasli@virginia.edu
Phone: 434-924-6552

Arabic Level One: Level one provides instruction in elementary level Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Unlike the diversity of informal Arabic dialects, Modern Standard Arabic (fusha) is the form of Arabic common to all 22 Arab countries of the “League of Arab States” and used in modern literature, government, media, and educational institutions. The first half of Level One is devoted to learning the Arabic alphabet as well as the basic grammar and vocabulary needed to formulate sentences and more extended discourse. The second half of this level focuses on developing proficiency through expanding knowledge of grammar, acquiring new vocabulary and refining skills in simulated real life situations and cultural contexts.

Arabic Level Two: Level two provides instruction in both Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and introductory communicative skills in the Arabic dialect spoken in the Levant region (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories). The colloquial component will complement and extend students' understanding and appreciation of classical Arabic, from which much of Levantine vocabulary is derived, as well as equip them with the language of everyday life as spoken across a wide territory in the Arab world. The morning and afternoon sessions will be devoted to Classical Arabic study at the intermediate level, developing and advancing the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). In the evening, students will receive one hour of instruction in basic Levantine colloquial vocabulary and syntax in a dynamic, communicative format.

The UVA Summer Language Institute attracts a diverse community of learners who come to the SLI for a wide range of academic, professional and personal reasons. The program's intimate environment and the faculty's commitment to teaching maximize opportunities for students to practice and to refine their language skills both inside and outside the classroom.

Learn more about the program at sli.virginia.edu.


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