CFP: Modern Reformers Conference

“Reforms in the religious, political, and social discourse: the example of Salman Alodah”

Topics of interest:

  • The Intellectual and jurisprudential Dimension, which includes the regenerative aspects of Alodah’s thought, his intellectual debates and arguments, and his scholarly output.
  • The Social and Media Dimension which includes his social role and the educational, pedagogical aspects of his thought. It also includes the personal and humane aspects of Alodah’s character and life.
  • The Political and Human Rights’ Dimension: which includes the political and legal aspects of Alodah’s life, his reformist impact, and the violations to which he has been subjected.

Interested people are asked to send the following through this form:

  • A Curriculum Vitae, the specific topic of interest, and the tentative title of the paper
  • An abstract (not exceeding 500 words) by 30 June 2020
  • The complete paper ready to print by 6 July 2020


  • The paper should endeavor to achieve one or more of the conference main objectives
  • It should be original and unpublished beforehand in any print or electronic venue
  • It should adhere to the academic rules of research and documentation
  • It should not exceed 7000 words
  • The abstract should not exceed 500 words, clearly stating the problem and the methodology of the paper
  • The official languages ​​of the conference are Arabic and English
  • Accepted papers will be translated and published in a conference proceedings book

Please contact the Arab Center for Rights & Research at


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