Stories from the Wandering Wasp: Travel Tales with Juvena Huang

About the Salon Series:

We invite you to MEI Salon, a series of special events conducted in a casual relaxed setting aimed at making Middle Eastern culture more accessible to everyone. We strip away the academic jargon, and keep things light-hearted and interactive with topics that range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Please join us for our first MEI Salon Series: Travel Blog by Ms. Juvena Huang. She will bring us on an interesting journey, regaling us with her stories on her solo bike trip through the Middle East Region. Let’s enjoy our travel together through Iran, Turkey and many more regions through her sharing session.

Join us for this public talk on 29 May, 3:00pm to 4:30pm, which will be conducted online via Zoom. All are welcome to participate. An e-invite will be sent to you near the event date.

This event is free, however, registration is compulsory. Registration link found here:

About the Speaker:

After an epiphany resulting from a friend’s sudden passing, Ms. Juvena Huang decided to fulfill her teenage dream of travelling. Between 2015 and 2017, the avid motorcyclist rode a scooter from Singapore to Europe. She covered 44,000 km across 25 countries over 27 months. In the Middle Eastern region, she spent three months in Iran and three months in Turkey. As a solo female traveller, she shared many intimate experiences with the people she met, which she documented via her Facebook Page “The Wandering Wasp”. Her travel stories and on-the-ground accounts, which reveal aspects of the countries not reported in mainstream media, gained her a following on social media. Through the power of story-telling, Ms Huang hopes to foster cross-border understanding and tolerance, and to inspire others to discover their potential.


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