Digital Forays and Global Uprising: Aesthetics of Digital Dissent

Since the Arab Spring, the protests and dissent have only become more audio-visually mediated with an instantaneity and ubiquity that is never merely ‘formal.’ The mediation and the aesthetics are in many ways also the uprisings themselves. What types of imagery are being captured, circulated, and remade in these moments of conflict—and how do they travel from one site of conflict into others around the globe? What devices, channels of communication, and infrastructures allow and/or impede such exchanges? What sort of visual logics of dissent are emerging across the world through digital practices? How is it changing form - lending itself as material for memes, slogans, and graffiti—but all the while changing one’s view of participation, agency, and belonging?

This session we consider the digital junctions of aesthetics and protest - mediated by a capture, circulation, and reconfiguration that spans the globe.

Join the Kevorkian Center with Amal Khalaf, An Xiao Mina, Rebecca Stein, and discussant Nicholas Mirzoeff on October 29, 2020, at 12:30 pm (EST) to think through these questions and discuss together issues.

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