CFP: Digest of Middle East Studies (DOMES)

Digest of Middle East Studies (DOMES) invites contributions from scholars of the Middle East and North Africa region. 

DOMES is a refereed, quarterly journal dedicated to publishing original research on domestic and international policy issues in contemporary Middle East and North Africa. DOMES is a member of the Policy Studies Organization and published by Wiley. DOMES offers new and compelling analyses on some of the most urgent and complex issues and policy challenges at the nexus of politics, society, religion, and economy. The Middle East and North Africa region sits at the intersection of countervailing trends that gradually shape its future such as demographic changes, more vocal calls for accountability in governance, access to the Internet and democratization of information, transformation of the energy sector, and the growing role of religion in public discourse.

Grounded in robust empirical analysis, DOMES examines such emerging and evolving developments, trends, and relations across this dynamic region of the world in order to contribute to informed discussion of these issues. With an audience of policymakers, scholars, and the general public, DOMES provides a forum for timely, data-driven, and accessible discussion.

The Digest’s primary focus is on contemporary policy-relevant issues; manuscripts that address topics of a historical nature will only be considered insofar as their relevance to contemporary policy issues is established. DOMES primarily aims to receive submissions from disciplines in Social Sciences. However, manuscripts from other disciplines, in particular, in the Humanities are encouraged provided that they clearly address contemporary policy issues.

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Current Issue 

DOMES welcomes special issue proposals. Submissions for special issue are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please direct any inquiries about the journal and the submission process to


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