The Ethics of Listening in Iranian Music Education

Date: Thursday, March 4, 2021
Time: 11:00AM (Pacific)

This talk examines how analog and digital recordings have reconfigured the values and priorities of a master teacher’s instruction aimed to facilitate the development and formation of the disciple’s world views in Iranian music-making. The shift away from the traditional mode of teaching—known as sīna-ba-sīna (“from one heart to another,” or “one breath to another”)—to recording devices has created a portable, self-administered practice of virtue in current pedagogical approaches to Iranian music. The current practices of listening, as an essential instrument in the formation of the disposition and aptitude, have given rise to three complex ethical and political projects a) the modern secular subject; b) the advancements of New Age movement of spiritual or religious beliefs; and c) the re-production and romanization of the oral tradition.

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