Bridging the Gulf Series

About the Series
Beyond the headlines, what else do we know of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf? Are these societies as conservative as many have perceived them to be? Is Dubai just about its spectacular architecture? How does leadership transition work in these dynastic monarchies? Did you know that most Gulf cities were once port towns, much like the Singapore of old? Or that Singapore leaders who travel on commercial flights are regarded with puzzlement by Gulf citizens, who are used to seeing their own leaders on private jets?

In this new webinar series, we invite experts, some of whom are native to the region itself, to shed light on the history, politics and culture of the Gulf states. More than fun facts, the series will provide a refreshing perspective of the changes in these societies.

This series will be conducted online via Zoom every Friday, starting 23 April 2021, from 4.00pm to 5.00pm (SGT). All are welcome to participate. This event is free, however, registration is compulsory. Successful registrants will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom details closer to the date of the event.

Session 1 (Friday, 23 April 2021) : Politics, Energy, and Opposition in the Gulf: What You Need to Know
Session 2 (Friday, 30 April 2021): Top 5 Myths about Energy in the Gulf
Session 3 (Friday, 7 May 2021): Beyond Oil and Dates: Saudi Arabia’s Past, Transition and Future
Session 4 (Friday, 14 May 2021): Answering the Five “W”s of Kuwaiti Democracy

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