Hosting the Sixth World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES-6) in 2023

Call for Hosting the "Sixth World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES-6)" in 2023

What is WOCMES?

WOCMES is a gathering of up to 3000 scholars, researchers, students and professionals drawn from a broad range of educational and other institutions, organizations and associations from around the world. What brings this global community together is a common interest in the study of the Middle East, North Africa and the Muslim states of Central Asia, in addition to those areas of the world directly or indirectly affected by developments in these regions. (See the last World Congress in Sevilla at

WOCMES provides Middle Eastern specialists from all branches of humanities and social sciences with the opportunity to meet and exchange research, experience and ideas, and to address – and attempt to reconcile – some of the challenges that arise when methodology meets theory and praxis meets politics. It involves numerous academic panels and roundtable discussions approved, in advance, by an academic committee, as well as keynote addresses by prominent scholars, scholarly exhibitions, and cultural and other events relevant to the field.

One of the principal long-term goals of WOCMES is to build and strengthen regional and global networks for joint research and the dissemination of findings and interpretations. As a major international academic congress, WOCMES also gives the far-flung members of various academic associations a place where they can meet and discuss organizational business in executive meetings and plenary sessions. Moreover, local and international media and high-ranking decision-makers involved in politics, economics and culture are able to attend many of the proceedings in order to acquaint themselves with new information, concepts and perspectives that can inform their respective endeavours.

Call for Hosting WOCMES-6

All academic and research institutions which are focusing on studies in Social Sciences and Humanities related to the Middle East, North Africa and the Muslim states of Central Asia or the impact of this region on other parts of the world and which are interested in hosting the Sixth World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies in 2023 are kindly requested to contact Prof. Dr. Guenter Meyer, Chairman of the WOCMES Council, for further information by email
Deadline for the detailed application: 31 July 2021


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