For Grad Students & Early Career Scholars - Jam3a: a Virtual MENA Workspace

We invite those of you focusing on the MENA/SWANA region to join an initiative called
Jam3a: a Virtual MENA Workspace.


Jam3a (Arabic for “gathering”) is an online, interdisciplinary co-working space for scholars
from and working on the MENA region. Operating via Slack and Zoom rooms, we envision
Jam3a to serve as a 24/7 online co-working space akin to a study lounge or grad lab where
scholars can connect with one another. The idea is for this to be a virtual space for formal
and informal engagement where members focused on the MENA at any university, in any
discipline, and any part of the world can work together, discuss ideas, workshop their
projects, and network. There will be 24-hour Zoom rooms available for study sessions,
workshopping, and brainstorming spaces, as well as open forums. In addition, we will
create spaces for individuals to share resources on language development skills, research
grants and fellowships, and general research tips and guidelines. Assistant professors are
encouraged to use this space to find potential RAs as well.


To start, Jam3a will cater to early career scholars(graduate students, non-tenured faculty,
etc.). As we grow, we hope to expand membership to more senior scholars and those
outside of the academy interested in being in community with scholars of the region. In the
meantime, we encourage senior scholars to share this announcement with colleagues and
students who might be interested in joining Jam3a.


We ask that anyone interested in joining Jam3a fill out the Google form using the following
Once members fill out the google form, we will follow up with the next steps. We will also
use the information provided to set up slack workspace for the group on Slack.
Slack is free to use and can be downloaded here:
We recommend using the same email submitted on the google form in starting an account.

Any questions, comments, or concerns may be forwarded to Jam3a’s founders and
administrators, Rosalie Rubio ( and Salah Ben Hammou


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