Summer Institute for Teachers 2021

The Middle East in America:
Expect the Unexpected
Sunday June 20 to Thursday June 24
Especially designed for public school teachers and educational leaders, this year’s program is virtual, FREE, and open to all! Curriculum resources will be provided.

We often talk about the role of America in the Middle East and North Africa - and rightfully so. From geopolitics to oil to a conflicted post 9/11 world, the Middle East holds special interest for the United States. But what if we flip the script? How about exploring the myriad of ways in which the people, cultures, faiths, languages and histories of the Middle East and North Africa have enriched America? From the 1777 recognition of the United States by Morocco to the presence of Arab American lawmakers in the halls of Congress, the story is much more interesting than we ever imagined. All we can say is: expect the unexpected!

Featuring artistic performances, daily interactive seminars, access to cutting edge films and drop-in coffee hours for networking - and conversation!

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