Call for Submissions: Michigan Quarterly Review’s Special Issue on Middle East and North Africa

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Decades of Fire: A Special Issue on Middle East and North Africa: April 2021-Nov 1 2021

Guest-Editor Huda Fakhreddine

The Michigan Quarterly Review is seeking contributions to a special issue on the Middle East and North Africa focused on the region’s political, social, and cultural transformations in the last three decades. In the early 1990’s as the Cold War was coming to an end, the U.S. launched a “new world order” with Desert Storm, a war on the Republic of Iraq which had earlier attempted to annex the State of Kuwait. With unchecked American hegemony in the region and with American troops on the ground, the last three decades saw the region’s nation states weakening, their social fabrics fraying, and their economies shrinking. Furthermore, this same time period also saw a steep rise in radical fundamentalism and terrorism, revolutions and anti-revolutions, as well as an enormous increase in the region’s refugee populations. Michigan Quarterly Review has planned this special issue to examine a period of significant social change in the Middle East and North Africa and to present the voices of the region’s writers, thinkers, and artists as they grapple with this era and its future ramifications for their people and their world.

For this special issue of MQR we are seeking articles, essays, memoirs, fiction and poetry in English translation that examine the impact the multiple tensions and conflicts of the last three decades have had on the people of the Middle East and North Africa. And we welcome articles, essays, and literary works that track the various social, cultural, and artistic developments and movements that have emerged in the region during this period.

We also invite translators to send us their pitches for potential prose translations and submissions by sending texts in Arabic accompanied by a 300-word introduction/rationale to with the subject line “Decades of Fire Pitch.” If Submittable is not accessible to you for any reason please send us an email and we will arrange an alternative means of submission. The issue will be published in April of 2022.

Maximum length for articles, essays and works of fiction is 5,000 words. Poetry submissions must not exceed 10 pages.

Submission deadline is November 1, 2021. 

For more detailed information on the issue, please visit us at


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