CFP: “Making Spaces: Art, Culture and Difference in Iraqi Kurdistan”

The editors request work for a special issue: “Making Spaces: Art, Culture and Difference in Iraqi Kurdistan” (Fall 2022) for the Journal of Intersectionality (Pluto Journals). “Making Spaces” will engage with first-hand accounts, interviews, social criticism, and analysis from Kurdish artists as well as research from scholars and practitioners that engage broadly with all genres of contemporary Kurdish art, including but not limited to, music, literature, visual arts, dance, conceptual art, poetry, street art, cultural production, museums, and the claiming of space.

“Making Spaces” will explore the complex intersections of interconnected and interdependent social categorizations such as nation, ethnicity, gender, class, language, sexuality, race, disability, religion, education, and culture in Iraqi Kurdistan through the consideration of the spatial composition in which art is created and in which artists work. It will focus on reexamining the mediums through which Kurdish national stories are transmitted and those “other” modalities and spaces where marginalized narratives may be found, and how the occupation of a space can allow for strategic constructions of meaning within that space and those that allow for contestation of institutionalized inequalities, ideologies, behavioral scripts. Topics that do not directly address Kurdish art in Iraq but that relate to and consider the spatial composition in which Kurdish art is created will be considered for inclusion as it supports the overall focus of the special issue. Submission might include analysis of spaces in which artists work in other areas of the Middle East (and its diaspora).

Some topics/themes might include:

  • Characteristics, applied or formalized styles, popular themes or subjects found in the work of Kurdish artists
  • Feminist perspectives and gendered analyses of or in relation to Kurdish art
  • Accounts or histories of fine arts associations, schools of thought or notable teachers
  • Accounts or histories of fine arts institutions, schools, galleries or museums
  • Accounts of Iraqi Kurdish artists in the diaspora
  • Notions of confrontation and resistance
  • Accounts or descriptions of unique or noteworthy exhibitions
  • Interviews
  • Brief histories
  • Photo essays
  • Art and activism
  • Art and peacebuilding
  • Inclusion/exclusion
  • Marginalized peoples

Abstracts for papers should be a maximum of 300 words. Additionally, please include a short biographical statement (max 150 words) or CV with your submission. Please send questions regarding the special-issue and abstract submissions to before September 30, 2021. Full paper submissions will be expected by January 31, 2022.

For the full call please visit:


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