Elements of Border and Infrastructure: Water I

Elements of Borders and Infrastructure: Water I

September 29th, 2021/ 12:30 pm EST

The construction of water infrastructure is in essence a practice of bordering. Human efforts to channel the flow of water for the purpose of hydration, power, or agriculture are also simultaneously expressions of power, and demarcations of sociability, ideology, and idealized relations between humans and their lived environment. This panel seeks to bring together historical, anthropological, and technical perspectives on how our attempts to shape water’s flow in turn shapes the worlds we inhabit and study. The panel will ask its participants to consider the following: How have contemporary and historical efforts to contain and harness water shaped our understanding of the Middle East as a region? Do present day challenges of climate change stand to alter and disrupt our conceptions of the region? In what ways can we approach the globality of hydropolitics and water infrastructure differently from the perspective of the Middle East.

Please join the Hagop Kevorkian Center for our first event in our Virtual Series "Elements of Border and Infrastructure" featuring a discussion on "Water" with Nikhil Anand (UPenn), Michael Christopher Low (Iowa State), Ekin Kurtiç (Brandeis).

This event is free, but registration is needed: https://bit.ly/Water92921


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