Elements of Border and Infrastructure: Air I

Elements of Border and Infrastructure: Air I

November 3, 2021/ 12:30 pm EST

If infrastructure is meant to contain elements, air defies our attempts to contain it. Rather, it contains us by surrounding us. What we send into the air, what travels through it, connects us in ways that are sometimes difficult to perceive, and at other times all too concrete. In this panel we will ask our guests to consider the dynamics of suspension, control, and release that are fundamental to the study of air, and ask them what those dynamics reveal to us about the (un)reality of borders and the limits of our infrastructural ventures. By gathering together experts that consider the ways ecology, technology, and built environment depend on the mediation of air, we invite them to explore the ways humanity has perceived the air as a space that simultaneously reveals a seemingly limitless potential, and a persistent threat to our ambitions.

Please join the Hagop Kevorkian Center for our first event in our Virtual Series "Elements of Border and Infrastructure" featuring a discussion on "Air" with Samuel Dolbee (Harvard University), Asher Ghertner (Rutgers University), and Aya Nassar (Durham University).

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