Elements of Border and Infrastructure: Fire I

Elements of Border and Infrastructure: Fire I

November 17, 2021/ 12:30 pm EST

Fire is the opposite of static. At once a constant presence in our world and a manifestation of continual ongoing transformation. Our world changes through fire, and it is a force we have constantly sought to tend, control, and channel -- arguably it is the catalyst for all infrastructures coming into being. In this panel we will gather together experts on the efforts to tend fire, heat, and electricity in the Eastern Mediterranean to ask them to consider the long range (and often vain) efforts of humanity to channel energy into and with infrastructure, and across national and regional borders. We invite our speakers to consider the ways power dynamics are interlaced through those efforts, and the effects of the manifold ways fire, heat, and energy exceed them.

Please join the Hagop Kevorkian Center for our first event in our Virtual Series "Elements of Border and Infrastructure" featuring a discussion on "Fire" with On Barak (Tel Aviv University) and Joanne Randa Nucho (Pomona College)

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