American Center of Research Fellowships 2022–2023

Established in 1968, ACOR's mission is to advance knowledge of Jordan, past and present. Our programs and services include an extensive library and archive, fellowship and scholarship programs, information services, and residential facilities. ACOR has 50+ years of experience in cultural heritage preservation and management and is increasingly a hub of contemporary humanities research and digital humanities in the Middle East.

Competitive grants are available at all education levels for scholars conducting research in or on Jordan. Further information is available at and you can apply online at Available fellowships include:

  • The ACOR National Endowment for the Humanities Post-Doctoral Award
  • The ACOR-CAORC Pre-Doctoral Award
  • The ACOR-CAORC Post-Doctoral Award

as well various other grants at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. Major awards include residential accomodation.

Covid-19, coronavirus variants, and similar matters should be taken into consideration by all applicants. ACOR's covid-19 procedures (e.g., change from time-to-time depending on the caseload and regulations in Jordan, and as advised by the U.S. CDC and others. At this time, only fully vaccinated individuals may enter ACOR's center or reside there. While ACOR makes diligent efforts in regard to covid-19, fellows and awardees must assume all the risks and liabilities inherent in taking up these fellowships (e.g., international travel, conducting research, working with subjects, etc.).


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