Call for Papers: Policy Implementation in the Global South

The call for papers for the 3rd International Workshops on Public Policy is open until January 31, 2022. IWPP3 will take place in Budapest, from 28 to 30 June 2022. We selected 27 workshops that cover different topics and research questions in the Public Policy field. The purpose of these workshops is to allow 15-20 scholars per workshop to come together and hold in-depth discussions of papers on public policy research issues. 

Please browse the list of workshops to find the workshop to which your paper proposal belongs to. 

To participate in one of these workshops, you need to submit an abstract of your paper which will be reviewed by the workshops' chairs. Your paper proposal should address the research questions indicated in the workshop description you are interested in participating in.

Your abstract must contain at least 500 words to explain precisely what is your research questions, how these contribute to the topic of the workshop, what is the main research problem of your paper, what is your methodology, and all the details you consider important enough to support your project.

Submit a paper here:


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