Summer Job Opportunity for Arabic-Speaking Educators

Now hiring Arabic-speaking educators to work with Iraqi youth!

IYLEP Arabic, a program of World Learning, is currently hiring experienced educators to lead a group of high school students on their U.S. exchange in summer 2022, conducted entirely in Arabic!

The Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program (IYLEP) for high school and undergraduate students is sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Baghdad and implemented by World Learning. IYLEP has provided invaluable leadership and educational opportunities for more than 2,500 students since its inception in 2007. As an investment in global understanding and peace, these fully funded programs have created a cadre of future leaders of Iraq: young people who will inspire and impact others.

In hopes of reaching even more Iraqi youth — many of whom may not have the language skills to join IYLEP high school in English — World Learning organizes a cohort group conducted entirely in Arabic. Launched in 2017, IYLEP Arabic aims to enhance leadership and civic engagement skills among participants, develop English language skills, foster respect for diversity, and build bridges of understanding between the peoples of Iraq and the U.S.

Benefits of leading with IYLEP Arabic:

  • Developing experiential learning techniques such as dialogue facilitation
  • Mentoring emerging young leaders from Iraq (and around the world)
  • Establishing a network of like-minded colleagues
  • Building professional skills at the weeklong staff training including finance and risk management skills
  • Contributing to a rewarding professional experience that will deeply impact the lives of global youth!

Please see our webpage for more information, including qualifications, responsibilities, and compensation:

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