New Doctoral Studies Program at Doha Institute

The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI) in Doha, Qatar will launch doctoral studies in fall 2022. The doctoral studies at the DI will aim to train generations of Arab researchers wishing to enroll and pursue their studies or engage in the development of their communities in various disciplines.

The launch of doctoral studies at the DI means opening new horizons for future scholars to explore the academic programs in which they are interested in specializing with a view to developing objective, foundational and methodological knowledge in these disciplines and training in the latest innovative and sophisticated research techniques. Doctoral studies at the DI will enrich the academic environment locally and regionally through the graduation of qualified cadres.

Eight doctoral programs have been approved including: Development Economics, Politics and International Relations, Linguistics and Arabic Lexicography, History, Sociology and Anthropology, Public Administration, Media Studies, Critical Security Studies. Students would acquire advanced theoretical and methodological skills necessary for high-level research and critical analysis of important phenomena in their disciplines.

A wide variety of scholarships are offered annually to attract academically qualified students from within and outside the State of Qatar.

Admissions for the doctoral studies at the DI closes on March 1, 2022.

For more information about the doctoral studies at the DI, visit:


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