Call for Papers: OMEV Second Joint International Conference on Violent Extremism

The Second International Conference on Countering Violent Extremism
Collective intelligence in facing terrorism & building CVE/PVE strategies
8th -10th June 2022
Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco

Call for presentation / Participation

The Moroccan Observatory on Extremism & Violence is happy to announce the organization of the Second Joint International conference on Countering Violent Extremism from the 8th to 10th June 2022. The edition of 2022 will be organized under the topic: "Collective intelligence in facing terrorism & building CVE/PVE strategies".

The focus will be on how we can shift efforts in combatting violent extremism from conventional forms of cooperation and coordination to an advanced version based on collective intelligence.

We would like to allow participants to exchange on innovative options to build a common Risk awareness, constructing collective capacity building, and coordinating efforts, good practices and tools in different area of countering-terrorism, violent extremism prevention, and deradicalization & rehabilitation programs

The 2022 edition will consist on five sessions:

  • Session I: 20 years after the UNSCR 1373 ; 15 years after launching of UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy (A/RES/60/288) , and 10 years after the initiation of The Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) : capitalize on successes, overcome weaknesses
  • Session II: Extremism and Religious Discourses: Narratives of Extremism and Counter-Narratives
  • Session III: New requirements for CVE and structuring the framework for international cooperation in law enforcement and the management of intelligence and forensic evidence.
  • Session IV: Terrorist threats and the dynamics of extremist organizations during the pandemic and beyond
  • Session V: Countering Violent Extremism, De-radicalization, Rehabilitation and Reintegration Programs in Prisons

This second edition will be organized in partnership with the Islamic World Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization( ICESCO), the General Delegation for Penitentiary Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR), the Rabita Mohammediya of Oulemas, and the Policy Center for the New South ( PCNS).

We strongly encourage interested speakers to submit their proposals before 15th May 2022. However, for those who would like to attend without presentations, they are required to submit their letter of interest by the 20th May.

If you have questions on the 2022 OMEV Annual Conference Call for Presentations or participation, please contact


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