Online CLASSRoad STARTALK 2023 Program

We are excited to announce that the application for our fully ONLINE 2023 STARTALK program is now available.

CLASSRoad's 2023 online STARTALK program will focus on new TELL Domains, and will feature Ying Jin, ACTFL 2018 National Language Teacher of the Year, as our Lead Instructor.

Since 2008 CLASSRoad has been engaging world language educators with online language teacher training.

Our program is:
- Free of cost
- Caters to Arabic and Chinese language teachers
- Will run from June 2, 2023 to July 14, 2023 (sync & async)
- Will also feature 60 hours total of pre (Spring 2023) and post (Fall 2023) program activities (async)

This will be a remarkable learning experience that you do not want to miss! To apply for the program, please visit the following link:
The application deadline is November 28, 2022.
Course applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis given their qualifications.
Space is limited, so please make sure to apply as soon as possible as it is a highly competitive admissions process!


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