Now Accepting Applications for AIYS’s US Scholars Fellowship

The American Institute for Yemeni Studies is now accepting applications for the US Scholars Fellowship until February 8th, 2023! This fellowship enables US scholars to travel and complete research on Yemen in any academic discipline, so it isn't limited to the humanities.

Travel must be carried out outside of the U.S. and Yemen. Previous fellows have carried out research in Lebanon at the Jafet Library Special Collections at the American University of Beirut and in the Netherlands at the Leiden Collection of Ancient South Arabian Stick Inscriptions at Leiden University. This fellowship allows for a wide range of creativity!

Eligible applicants are US citizens who are either current graduate students or post graduate scholars. 1-2 awards for up to $4,500 will be given out for the 2023 cycle.

Learn more on our blog or at the application link below!



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