To Which Victor Go the Spoils? Explaining The Aftermath of Regime Change

A Crown Seminar with Peter Krause in conversation with Raihan Ismail

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
11:00am–12:15pm EST 

Almost every state in the Middle East has experienced contentious regime change, whether through popular uprisings in Egypt, Iran, and Tunisia, anti-colonial insurgencies in Algeria and the Mandate for Palestine, foreign military intervention in Iraq, or civil war in Libya and Yemen. Yet, the political parties, armed groups, and foreign states who may agree on the need for regime change often disagree on what—or specifically who—should come next. In this Crown Seminar, Peter Krause, in conversation with Raihan Ismail, will explore the dynamics of regime capture in the Middle East. Drawing from his new book project, Krause will discuss how organizational strength, time, and the alteration of “rules of the game” drive which victor captures the spoils of state control after regime change.

Peter Krause is a faculty leave fellow at the Crown Center and an associate professor of political science at Boston College. 

Raihan Ismail, moderator, is the Goldman Faculty Leave Fellow at the Crown Center and a senior lecturer at the Australian National University. 

Naghmeh Sohrabi, chair, is the director for research at the Crown Center and the Charles (Corky) Goodman Professor of Middle East History.

Hosted by the Crown Center for Middle East Studies at Brandeis University. Cosponsored by the Department of Politics. 

This seminar is online, free, and open to the public. Registration is required.

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