Demos-Tunisia Summer School 2024: Democratization and Justice in an Age of Revolution

Demos-Center for Democratic Sustainability is pleased to launch its 2024 summer school on Tunisia’s political transitions, in cooperation with the European-American University Tunis. That journey begins in Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab Spring, and home to some of the world’s oldest centers of Arabo-Islamic learning. This course maps out trajectories and horizons of Tunisia’s political transformation and the challenges involved. It does so against the backdrop of regional and international protests, upheavals, wars, food insecurity, and a global crisis of democracy.

The summer school program is grounded within a framework of postcolonial and critical theory thinking. Thus, the program sets out to critically assess and interpret existing thought and practice of colonial and postcolonial/decolonial statecraft. This it does by revising key concepts related to political science, comparative politics, democratization, and IR. Wide-ranging concepts – power, legitimacy, equality, citizenship, gender, ethnonationalism, pluralism, democratization, democracy, dissidence, opposition, identity politics, Orientalism, Eurocentrism, neocolonialism, knowledge-production, revolution and protest – all frame the class sessions and ensuing group discussions as well as
practicums undertaken to test how these concepts feature in political practice.

The program introduces students to the key problems that grip the Middle East and North Africa. In so doing, it draws on local knowledge of regional transitions, with special reference to Tunisia, while engaging global and regional examples. It also renews attention to the region’s popular postcolonial challenges, identity politics, and moral questions about inclusiveness of all kinds of identities (gender-based, tribal, ethnic, religious, sectarian, and regional). In critically assessing and evaluating the trajectories and horizons of socio-political transformations, students, participants and instructors will be all challenged to generate debate and own interpretations of the dynamics and nature of such horizons of transitions through theoretical and practical modes of learning.

This summer school is geared towards graduate students (MA or PhD level), early career researchers, and other interested participants.

Language of Instruction: English

Dates: 8-19 July 2024

This summer school is geared towards graduate students (MA or PhD level), early career researchers, and other interested participants.

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