Call for Submission - Exilium

EXILIUM – Journal of Contemporary Studies, a peer-reviewed academic journal from the Edward Saïd Chair at the Federal University of São Paulo/Brazil is welcoming, in a continuous flow, original articles and essays as well as another type of texts and various materials, according its editorial and the sections profile:

Varia encompasses a range of texts including memoirs, reading notes, art criticism and other writing on contemporary culture and relations between East and West.

Literary section brings together a range of creative writing from essays to poetic transcreation, casting an aesthetic eye on criticism and theory and focusing on contemporary issues and East/West artistic and cultural interaction.

Contemporary Criticism offers essays from the fields of the sciences and humanitites that question today’s dilemmas based on analysis of the relationships between history, memory and contemporary forms of sociability and belonging.

East/West showcases essays that look at the historical and cultural constitution of East and West, compare and contrast their cultural, historical, scientific and artistic past and present.

For submissions, follow the norms, transliteration table and article template avaliable in Guideline for authors:


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