MESA - Middle East Studies Association

2014 Award Winners


November 23, 2014
Washington, DC

At its 48th annual meeting at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, the Middle East Studies Association of North America, Inc. announced the winners of its 2014 Awards of Excellence.

2014 MESA Mentoring Award

Salih Altoma, Indiana University

Jere L. Bacharach Service Award

Günter Meyer, University of Mainz

2014 Albert Hourani Book Award

Brian Catlos, University of Colorado at Boulder/UC Santa Cruz 
Muslims of Medieval Latin Christendom, c. 1050-1614
(Cambridge University Press, 2014)

2014 Houshang Pourshariati Book Award in Iranian Studies

Rudi Matthee, Willem Floor, and Patrick Clawson
The Monetary History of Iran: From the Safavids to the Qajars
(I.B. Tauris, 2013)

2014 Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Award in the Humanities

Nahid Siamdoust
Iran’s Troubled Tunes:‎ Music as Politics in the ‎Islamic Republic
Degree from Oxford University, Faculty of Oriental Studies
(under the direction of Walter Armbrust)

Honorable Mention to

Hala Auji
Between Script and Print: Exploring Publications of the American ‎Syria ‎Mission ‎and ‎the ‎Nascent Press in the Arab World, 1834-1860
Degree from Binghamton University, Department of Art History
(under the direction of Nancy Um) 

2014 Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Award in the Social Sciences

Omar Youssef Cheta
Rule of Merchants: The Practice of Commerce and Law
in Late Ottoman Egypt, 1841-1876

Degree from New York University from both the Department of History and the Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
(under the direction of Khaled Fahmy)

Honorable Mention to

Michael Farquhar
Expanding the Wahhabi Mission: Saudi Arabia, the Islamic University
of Medina and the Transnational Religious Economy

Degree from the London School of Economics
(under the direction of John Chalcraft)

2014 MESA Graduate Student Paper Prize

Sanja Kadrić, Department of History, Ohio State University
The Devşirme and The Laws of the Janissaries: Muslims in the Bosnian Eyalet
(Jane Hathaway, advisor)

2014 Academic Freedom Award

Presented to
Egyptian Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression (AFTE) 


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