Committee on Academic Freedom

MESA’s Committee on Academic Freedom comprises two sub-committees: MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and NA (North America). The mission of CAF is to address violations by protesting them at the highest government and diplomatic levels of the country where the violation occurs. The cases that CAF has addresses can be viewed in the list of interventions. To learn more about CAF, read the Committee's protocol.

Letter protesting new Israel Government directive regarding selection of international scholars and students to teach and study in Palestinian Universities

Letter to Israeli authorities protesting the Government’s proposed policy regarding the selection of international scholars and students to teach and study in Palestinian universities, giving the Israeli military the unilateral power to select and exclude scholars and students and limiting their numbers significantly, while censoring certain disciplines and foci of research. If implemented, the policy would undermine Palestinian universities' ability to recruit appropriate faculty and curtail Palestinians' academic freedom.

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Letter regarding the continued detention of translators, Kholoud Said and Marwa Arafa

Letter to Egyptian authorities expressing concern about the continued detention of Kholoud Said, a translator and the head of the Translation Unit of the publication department at Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA), and free-lance translator Marwa Arafa, and calling for their immediate release.

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