Undergraduate Research Workshop

Thursday, November 14, 2019
Sheraton New Orleans Hotel

Sponsored by the
Committee on Undergraduate Middle East Studies (CUMES)

The Undergraduate Research Workshop has become a staple of the MESA meeting. The workshop provides an opportunity for students in any academic discipline with a focus on the Middle East to present their research to other students and to get feedback and research advice from faculty facilitators. The workshop is led by a diverse group of Middle East studies scholars, drawn from CUMES, MESA award winners, and other leading academics. While the workshop itself is closed to facilitators and participants, the students will do a poster session open to all attendees on Thursday, November 14 from 4-5pm in Gallier A/B on the 4th level. Please attend if you can and help these young scholars hone their skills.

Faculty Facilitators

Farinaz Basmechi, University of North Texas
Ahmed Idrissi Alami, Purdue University
Gökçe Günel, Rice University
Daniel Neep, Georgetown University
Enaya Othman, Marquette University
Steve Tamari, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Jeff VanDenBerg, Drury University


Nemet Alrawajfeh (Kent State U), “Economic and Environmental Impact of Israeli Settlements in the Jordan Valley”

Nada Ammagui (NYU-Abu Dhabi), “Across Time and Space: ‘Glocalism’ at the Sharjah Biennial”

David Austin (Kent State U), “Palestinian Diaspora Literature”

Tawfeak Awwad (American U Cairo), “Rethinking the Feminist Reading of Islamic Shari’a”

Catherine Cartier (Davidson College), “Traveling Tales: Syrian Storytelling in Jordan and Lebanon”

Matthew Clark (U Alabama-Huntsville), “Black Headbands in the Highlands: Radical Islamism and the Chechen Wars”

Autumn DeLong (Macalester), “The Virgin Mary in Early Syriac Christian and Muslim Texts”

Kimberly Dodt (U Miami), “The Struggle for Women’s Rights in Iraq after the 1958 Revolution”

Levon Ghanimian (Cal State U-Northridge), “Temür: Painter of Politics”

Willa Hart (Oberlin), “Selling Security, Selling Insecurity: The Saudi-US Relationship as a Profit Game”

Christian Hyde (Tulane U), “Urban Policy in Divided Jerusalem”

Montana Koslowski (Virginia Tech), “Shaping the Revolution: The Role Egyptian and Tunisian Women Played in the 2011 Arab Uprisings”

Jessica Molina Abdala (NYU-Abu Dhabi), “Transnational Identities and Modes of Self-Identification: The Levantine Immigrant Community’s Navigation of Shifting Immigration Policies during the 1920s in Mexico”

Tim O’Shea (Case Western Reserve U), “The IDF and the Palestinian Territories as a Weapons Laboratory”

Paula Pacheco Soto (Brown U), “Queer Movements from South to North: Queer Rights through the Eyes of Tunisia’s LGBTQI+ Community”

Ellen Perleberg (U Washington), “Private Papers in Public Scholarship: The Transformation of a Text”

Karling Rutenbeck (Seattle U), “Developing the Modern Woman: Ava Milam Clark and Home Economics in 1950s Iraq”

Seunga Iris Ryu (NYU-Abu Dhabi), “Bridging the Gap between Expectation and Reality: Urban Planning and the Public Bus System in Abu Dhabi”

Quincy Standage (Drury U), “International Criminal Law and Non-compliance: A Case Study of the Yemen Crisis”

Nina Zietlow (Pomona College), “The Politics of Monumentalizing Trauma: Visual Use of Martyrdom in the Memorialization of the Iran-Iraq War”

For more information, contact Workshop Coordinators Dr. Stephen Tamari (stamari@siue.edu; 618-650-3967) or Dr. Jeff VanDenBerg (jvandenb@drury.edu; 417-873-6947).

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