Grand Hyatt San Antonio

Grand Hyatt San Antonio
600 E. Market Street
San Antonio, TX 78205



Group Rates

$195 Single/Double
$219 Triple/Quad

Plus applicable taxes of 16.75%

Cut-Off Date extended

October 22, 2018 - now through October 29

Booking Alerts

Watch out for booking scams! Groups calling themselves "Exhibition Housing Services," "Exhibitors Housing Management," and "Business Travel Bureau" are once again contacting meeting attendees, attempting to book hotel rooms for them. They claim that the conference hotel is filling up and appear to represent MESA and its meeting. Their business practices are questionable at best. MESA does not recommend booking rooms through these companies, which do not represent MESA or its meeting in any way. They are simply pfishing for your business and may even pose a risk of identity theft. Book your reservations directly through the Grand Hyatt Link that will soon be provided above to insure that your credentials are safe and secure.

Stay Connected

MESA offers several ways to stay connected, including a young-people-approved presence on Facebook and Twitter, oldie but goodie listservs, and trusty email notifications. To find out more, please follow the link below.

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