Meetings in Conjunction

These are the new, updated options available for affiliated organizations and others holding meetings in conjunction with MESA’s 2020 annual meeting online as a virtual conference in October. We are aiming to offer the most flexibility as possible regarding timing and scheduling of your events. We realize that each organization must consider it and its members’ needs concerning scheduling, and therefore we would like to offer as many options for scheduling as possible.

If you would like to meet either immediately before or after the scheduled program, you may schedule your MICs any time on October 3, 4, or 18.

We have similar options for you regarding your meeting in conjunction, mimicking an in-person meeting:

  • A scheduled time and space during the MESA conference. In addition to the listing, you would get assigned a video session with full details included in the program. There would be a customized link to your session. There is a one-time $300 fee for this, just as in other years, to partially defray the cost of hosting the virtual meetings. Multiple sessions may be scheduled. For institutional members, this fee is waived as an institutional member benefit.
  • Much like the in-person conference, you may want added features or support. In person, that includes food and beverage or audio-visual needs. For a virtual conference, there is live support offered by our contracted vendor, which we will make available at cost at your request.
  • A listing of your meeting on MESA’s website should you convene outside of the MESA meeting. This is parallel to those who hold meetings outside the conference hotel. There is no fee for this.

Questions about meetings in conjunction should be directed to Kat Teghizadeh.

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