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The Middle East, South-east Asia, and Nuclear Power

Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore

This webinar will discuss what is behind the sudden change in perceptions towards nuclear energy, the paradox of Gulf countries with vast oil reserves turning to an alternative energy source, and the international controls needed to prevent civilian nuclear programmes from morphing into military ones.This virtual event will be conducted on Tuesday, 30 July 2024 from 3.00pm to 4.30pm (SGT). The event is free, and open to all. However, registration is compulsory.

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Reading Race in Medieval Arabic Literature a talk by Rachel Schine

Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies at New York University

How might we pursue comparative, critical study of premodern processes of racialization? This talk will cover main methods, meanings, and sources that the author engages in examining racialization in the Islamic Middle Ages, as well as some past and present problematics of doing so within the Euro-American academy.

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Images of Etel Adnan

Literatures of Annihilation, Exile, and Resistance

This event is taking place in remembrance of Etel Adnan, the beloved Lebanese-American poet, essayist, and visual artist, who passed away in November 2021. She is survived by her longtime partner, renowned Syrian Lebanese artist Simone Fattal.

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