2020 Meeting

The MESA 2020 annual meeting searchable preliminary program with a full list of the session dates and times is available here. Additionally, information on the Meetings in Conjunction is available here

MESA 2020 Annual Meeting Virtual Conference

In order to maximize participation and attendance from across the globe's many time zones, we have decided to limit sessions to the middle of the day on the East Coast, and expand the days of the conference into the week before and the week after the originally scheduled program. Program sessions are scheduled between October 5-17, with the original meeting days of October 10-13 reserved for MESA plenary events such as the presidential panel and awards ceremony, as well as some late-breaking sessions. 

Times indicated are Eastern Daylight Time.


Program Schedule 

Monday, October 5    
Session I    11:00 am                                                    
Session II    1:30 pm

Tuesday, October 6     
Session III    11:00 am
Session IV    1:30 pm

Wednesday, October 7      
Session V    11:00 am
Session VI    1:30 pm

Thursday, October 8     
Session VII    11:00 am
Session VIII    1:30 pm

Saturday October, 10     
Special Session: Social Science Ethics    10:00 am
Special Session: Global Academy     12:00 pm
MESA Publications Workshop    2:00 pm
Affiliates Organizations Officers Meeting    3:30 pm

Sunday, October 11     
Presidential Panel    12:00 pm
MESA Awards Ceremony    2:00 pm
Undergraduate Poster Session Public Presentation    6:30 pm

Monday, October 12     
Special Session: Images and Archives    10:00 am
Special Session: Lebanon Crises    12:00pm
Precarity Solidarity Convening     2:00 pm

Tuesday, October 13
Special Session: K-12 Education in Egypt    12:00 pm
MESA Members Meeting     2:00 pm
Center and Program Directors Meeting    3:30pm

Wednesday, October 14     
Session IX    11:00 am 
Session X    1:30 pm

Thursday, October 15     
Session XI    11:00 am 
Session XII    1:30 pm

Friday, October 16     
Session XIII    11:00 am 
Session XIV    1:30 pm

Saturday, October 17      
Session XV    11:00 am 
Session XVI    1:30 pm


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