Press Policy

Reporters must register for the annual meeting by completing the Press Pass Registration Form by Saturday, October 3 in order to be considered for credentials. 

Following are guidelines for reporters covering the annual meeting:

1. All media representatives must pick up credentials at the MESA Help Desk located in the Convention Registration during the following hours: 

Saturday, October 108:30am-5:30pm
Sunday, October 118:00am-5:30pm
Monday, October 128:00am-5:30pm
Tuesday, October 138:00am-11:00am 

2. MESA provides media credentials only to qualified reporters who are employees of or freelancers on assignment to locally or nationally recognized print or broadcast media outlets with a demonstrated history of reporting on academic issues. MESA will request credentials before issuing convention media credentials.

3. Audiotaping, videotaping, and still photography of MESA annual meeting sessions or programs are not permitted. Occasional exceptions may be made for audiotaping or videotaping short segments and for still photography designed to convey the convention atmosphere. Requests to audiotape, videotape, or photograph any session must be submitted in advance to the media liaison and require the consent of all speakers at a session. If taping or photography is approved, the media liaison must accompany the reporter and crew.

4. Audiotaping, videotaping, and still photography may be permitted in the public areas of the meeting (e.g., hotel lobbies), provided the crew is accompanied by a media office staff person.

Registered media with program information and in need of interview assitance may contact Kat Teghizadeh. 

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