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MESA welcomes contributions to its many programs.

MESA's General Fund

Since the association's founding in 1966, MESA has promoted scholarship on and teaching about the Middle East. A contribution to the general fund helps guarantee that the association will continue these activities into the future. General fund support strengthens MESA's ability to advocate for our profession and our fields; it permits us to undertake new projects, increase our outreach efforts and improve service to our members and to the public. A financially strong MESA is vital to the field of Middle East studies.

Mentoring and Service Recognition

Contribute to the MESA Mentoring Award and help MESA praise the extraordinary teachers and mentors who trained today's productive scholars. Give to the Jere L. Bacharach Service Award and help MESA honor the men and women whose devotion to Middle East studies is characterized by their life-long service to MESA and/or the field.

MESA's Awards Programs

Join us in recognizing the very best in scholarship on the Middle East, whether by student scholars who compete for the best student paper prize, or by advanced graduate students whose dissertations are honored with a Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Award. The prestigious Albert Hourani Book Award and the Houshang Pourshariati Iranian Studies Book Award recognize mature work scholarship in the form of the best book written on a Middle Eastern topic or in Iranian studies, respectively, in a given year.

Academic Freedom

Contribute to MESA's Academic Freedom Fund. Help defend academic freedom in the United States and signal your support for unimpeded inquiry and unfettered debate. Help MESA ensure that scholars not only in Middle East studies, but ultimately in all disciplines, are able to conduct research and teach in an environment that is not subject to the political whims of the day.

Gifts of Securities

MESA welcomes and can easily accept gifts of securities through its Fidelity Investments account. Please contact MESA for a copy of its"Security Transfer Instructions." The proceeds from the transfer of securities can be earmarked toward any of MESA's programs or could perhaps be used to establish new programs of service to the profession.

Want to support MESA but have other ideas?

We welcome suggestions. Contact MESA's Executive Director, Amy Newhall, at or 520-333-2577.

And, remember, MESA is a 501c(3) corporation and your contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law!

How to Make Your Contribution

If you have a myMESA account, you may log-in to your account to make a contribution by major credit card (secure site). Simply log-in and hit the "payment" button. From there, click on "contribution" and choose the program and amount of your contribution.

If you'd prefer to send a check or make a credit card payment via fax or mail, please complete this form and fax or mail it to MESA at the location listed on the contact page. Thank you!

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