MESA - Middle East Studies Association

MESA 2017 Volunteer Panel Chairs

Sometime after the program is scheduled-probably late June-MESA will call for volunteers to chair the panels that are assembled from individually submitted papers. If you are interested in being placed on the interest list, please send a quick email message to Mark Lowder at


Requirements to Participate

As is the case for all meeting participants, chairs must:

  • be current MESA members for 2017 (please only volunteer if you are a current MESA member for 2017)
  • pre-register for the MESA 2017 annual meeting

Chair Responsibilities

Panel chairs:

  • welcome attendees and introduce paper presenters (typically by providing the name, affiliation and paper title)
  • keep track of presentation times and transitions by giving presenters gentle reminders (for instance, slipping notes to presenters indicating how much time is left)
  • ensure that panels end on time!
  • report panelist absences to the MESA Secretariat (did a presenter unexpectedly not show up?)


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