American Institute for Maghrib Studies (AIMS)

The American Institute for Maghrib Studies is a private, non-profit educational organization that fosters research and the exchange of information among scholars and students from the United States and the Maghrib for the purpose of better understanding the region. AIMS was established in 1984 and serves as the principal professional organization for U.S.-based scholars interested in North Africa.

AIMS sponsors The Journal of North African Studies (published by Francis and Taylor), sponsors annual academic conferences and workshops in North Africa, administers a yearly dissertation workshop for students, offers prizes and travel awards to its members, provides funding support for students and scholars to undertake research in the region and supports overseas research centers in Tunis (CEMAT) and Oran (CEMA) and is represented by its affiliate partner TALIM in Tangier.

President: James Miller 
U.S. Director: Terry Ryan Phone: 520-626-6498

Membership - Annual Dues
Regular: $100
Student: $50
Institutional: $500 (includes 3 individual memberships)

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