Honorary Fellows

MESA’s Honorary Fellows are outstanding internationally recognized scholars who have made major contributions to Middle East studies. Honorary Fellows are nominated by MESA’s Board of Directors and conferred by a vote of members at the annual members meeting. MESA can have a maximum of 10 Honorary Fellows at any given time.


Talal Asad (2015)
Suraiya Faroqhi (2009)
Nikki R. Keddie (2003)
Afaf Lutfi Al-Sayyid Marsot (2007)
Abdul-Karim Rafeq (2009)
Josef van Ess (2012)
John Waterbury (2014)


Sir Hamilton Gibb (1970-1971)
Philip K. Hitti (1970-1978)
S.D. Goitein (1971-1985)
Aziz Atiya (1971-1991)
Claude Cahen (1981-1992)
Albert Hourani (1981-1993)
Majid Khadduri (1981-2007)
W. Montgomery Watt (1985-2006)
Charles Issawi (1988-2002)
Ann K.S. Lambton (1988-2008)
Maxime Rodinson (1988-2004)
Annemarie Schimmel (1989-2003)
Jacques Berque (1994-1995)
André Raymond (1994-2011)
Halil Inalcik (1994-2016) 
Muhsin S. Mahdi (1995-2007)
Edward Said (1999-2003)
Oleg Grabar (2002-2011)
Elizabeth Fernea (2003-2008)
Kamal Salibi (2007-2011)
Roger Owen (2007-2018)
Farhat Ziadeh (2012-2014)

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