Founding Fellows

The following 51 individuals contributed immeasurably to the creation of the field of Middle East studies and to the founding of the Middle East Studies Association.

Charles J. Adams, McGill University
Robert McC. Adams, University of Chicago
John S. Badeau, Columbia University
Morroe Berger, Princeton University
William M. Brinner, UC Berkeley
Leon Carl Brown, Princeton University
Frederick Cox, Portland State College
Robert Crawford, The Rockefeller Foundation
Alan Cunningham, Simon Fraser University
Roderic Davison, George Washington University
Mark Dresden, University of Pennsylvania
Richard Ettinghausen, New York University
Robert Fernea, University of Texas
Richard N. Frye, Harvard University
Charles F. Gallagher, American U Field Staff
S.D. Goitein, University of Pennsylvania
Oleg Grabar, University of Michigan
George Grassmuck, University of Michigan
Moshe Greenberg, University of Pennsylvania
Harvey Hall, The Ford Foundation
Manfred Halpern, Princeton University
Alan Horton, American U Field Staff
J.C. Hurewitz, Columbia University
Charles P. Issawi, Columbia University
Wadie Jwadieh, Indiana University
Kemal Karpat, New York University
Malcolm H. Kerr, UCLA
Majid Khadduri, Johns Hopkins University
Ira Lapidus, UC Berkeley
D.W. Lockard, Harvard University
Ernest McCarus, University of Michigan
Muhsin Mahdi, University of Chicago
Richard H. Nolte, Institute of Current World Affairs
Herbert H. Paper, University of Michigan
Don Peretz, New York State Dept. of Education
William R. Polk, University of Chicago
Howard Reed, Education and World Affairs
Richard D. Robinson, MIT
Franz Rosenthal, Yale University
D.A. Rustow, Columbia University
Nadav Safran, Harvard University
William D. Schorger, University of Michigan
Hisham Sharabi, Georgetown University
Stanford Shaw, Harvard University
Gustave von Grunebaum, UCLA
G.M. Wickens, University of Toronto
R. Bayly Winder, New York University
T. Cuyler Young, Princeton University
I. William Zartman, New York University
Farhat J. Ziadeh, University of Washington

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