Middle East Critique

Middle East Critique promotes an academic and critical examination of the history and contemporary political, social, economic, and cultural aspects of Middle Eastern countries. The journal actively engages theoretical and empirical studies and by so doing promotes a critical understanding of the complex nature of ideas, values, social configurations, and material realities of Middle Eastern societies. Middle East Critique provides a forum for the interdisciplinary examination of diverse issues based on solid research and critical readings of developments in the Middle East.

For information regarding submission of manuscripts contact: Critique, MB 211, Hamline University, 1536 Hewitt Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104-1284 (202-342-3927 fax; [email protected]). 

Editor: Eric Hooglund

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Individuals (Print Only): $266
Institutions (Online Only): $874
Institutions (Print & Online): $1,028

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