Historians of Islamic Art Association (HIAA) 

Founded in 1982. Membership: 250. Annual dues: $45 regular; $25 students; $60 joint; $105 sustaining; $105 institutional. HIAA’s purpose is to promote high standards of scholarship and instruction in the history of Islamic arts; facilitate communication among its members through meetings, the HIAA newsletter and directory; and promote scholarly cooperation among persons and organizations concerned with the study of Islamic arts. HIAA holds a periodic majlis or meeting of its members, in conjunction with meetings of the College Art Association (CAA) or MESA, as well as a biennial symposium. To encourage scholarly contributions to the fields of Islamic art, architecture and archaeology, particularly by our junior members, HIAA also awards various competitive prizes: the Margaret B. Ševčenko Prize in Islamic Art and Culture, for the best unpublished article written by a junior scholar; and the Grabar Grants and Fellowships, a new program, supported by the Oleg Grabar Memorial Fund, intended to further research and assist participation in scholarly meetings.  President: Sussan Babaie;  Treasurer: Marika Sardar; Secretary: Amanda Phillips.

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