Palestinian American Research Center (PARC)

The Palestinian American Research Center was formed in 1998 to meet this need for an American institution that promotes Palestinian studies and exchange among scholars interested in Palestinian affairs. Until then, American researchers in the field did not benefit from the assistance provided by American research centers and Fulbright commissions in other parts of the world. Palestinian scholars have far fewer resources at home and less access to opportunities abroad than do American and other foreign scholars. And practical, policy-oriented research in the fields of public health, urban development, and environmental studies is critically important at this stage in Palestinian institutional development.

Overall, Palestinian, American, and foreign scholars have lacked the institutional infrastructure that provides fellowship funding, logistical support, access to local resources, and a network of academic contacts. PARC was established to fulfill these roles. The primary mission of the Palestinian American Research Center is to improve scholarship about Palestinian affairs, expand the pool of experts knowledgeable about the Palestinians, and strengthen linkages among Palestinian, American, and foreign research institutions and scholars.

President: Julie Peteet
Executive Director: Penelope Mitchell
Office Manager: Daniel Lynn 

Membership - Annual Dues
Student: $20
Individual: $35
Individual Sponsoring: $36-$199
Individual Supporting: $200-$999
Institutional: $100
Institutional Sponsoring: $250
Institutional Supporting: $500
Individual and Institutional Patron: $1,000 and above
Palestine Individual: $10
Palestine Institutional: $50
Minority Serving Institutions: $50

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