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Focus on Turkey
  • 13 March 2018 - Letter to Israeli state authorities expressing outrage about Israeli undercover border police’s recent incursion at Birzeit University where they beat, kidnapped, and continue to hold Omar al-Kiswani, president of the student council. CAF deplores the border police’s actions because they violate international humanitarian law, al-Kiswani's right to education, and disrupt a university’s learning environment for other students. (pdf)
  • 1 March 2018 - Letter to the King of Bahrain to protest sentencing of human rights activist Nabeel Rajab, about whom CAF has written several times, to five years’ imprisonment, as well as the multiple cases and charges he still faces. (pdf)
  • 28 February 2018 - Letter to Iranian authorities protesting the suspicious death in detention of Professor Kavous Seyyed Emami. (pdf)
  • 16 February 2018 - Letter to PM Yıldırım and President Erdoğan concerning the two new emergency decrees (KHK) 695 and 696 issued on 24 December 2017 in the Official Gazette, the first of which terminates the positions of 105 academic personnel from 36 universities and the second of which provides legal immunity to civilians who engage in violence under certain circumstances. (pdf)

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November 15-18
San Antonio, TX






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