Prize for Arabic to English Translators

The Bait AlGhasham DarArab Translation Prize proudly invites translators and authors to participate in an enriching cultural exchange that celebrates Arabic literary heritage. This annual prize is designed to recognize and promote Arabic literature by facilitating its translation into English, thereby making these works accessible to a global audience.

About the Prize:

Funded by Bait AlGhasham and managed by DarArab, our prize aims to bridge cultural divides and expand the reach of Arabic literature. With a generous total fund of £55,000, the prize supports not only the recognition of exceptional literary translations and original works but also covers the costs associated with publishing and promoting the winning entries.

Prize Categories:

Translators’ Prize: Open to unpublished English translations of Arabic literary works published since 1970. This category highlights the importance of bringing contemporary Arabic literature to new readers and supports the efforts of translators who make this possible.
Authors’ Prize: Focuses on unpublished literary works in Arabic, encouraging novelists, poets, and storytellers to share their narratives with an international audience. This category includes novels, autobiographies, short stories, and poetry collections.

Why Participate?

Participants will not only gain international exposure and recognition but also contribute to the vital dialogue between cultures and languages. The winning works will be published and promoted, offering authors and translators a platform to showcase their talents on a global stage.

Eligibility and Submission:

We welcome submissions from authors and translators whose works reflect the rich diversity and vibrancy of Arabic literature. The submission window is open until July 31, 2024, allowing ample time for potential candidates to prepare their best works for consideration.

For detailed guidelines on how to submit, please visit or contact us at We encourage all interested parties to participate and look forward to discovering the new voices and stories that you bring to the world.

Join us in celebrating the power of translation and the beauty of Arabic literature. Let's transcend boundaries together with the Bait AlGhasham DarArab Translation Prize.


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