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Call for Papers


52nd Annual Meeting of the
Middle East Studies Association
November 15-18, 2018
San Antonio, Texas

Submission Deadlines


New for 2018: The Thematic Conversation deadline is now aligned with the deadlines for other submission categories: February 15, 2018.


Type Date

Panels, roundtables, thematic conversations, individual papers

February 15, 2018
Special sessions April 1, 2018


Participation Requirements/

***THE RULES!***

  1. You must be a MESA member for 2018 to submit a proposal. The system will not let you submit if your membership is not current. If you qualify and would like to request a membership waiver, please go here.

  2. You must pre-register for the meeting by no later than May 15 if you have been accepted on the program. After that date, you will be dropped from the program without the chance to join later and without notification.

  3. You can submit ONLY ONE paper abstract, whether for a pre-organized panel or a put-together panel. One and only one!

  4. You may participate in NO MORE THAN TWO sessions, and while we will try to make sure those sessions are not scheduled at the same time, we cannot guarantee that they won't be scheduled back-to-back or on the first and last day.


Organizing a Panel, Roundtable or Thematic Conversation?

If you are organizing a panel, roundtable, or thematic conversation, you should input your panel details into the myMESA system well in advance of the submission deadline to give your panelists time to accept your invitation to participate and enter their information. Organizers CANNOT enter abstracts on behalf of their panelists. Panelists must log-in to myMESA and enter their own details!


2018 Decisions


MESA no longer mails decision letters. Program committee decisions will be posted on myMESA by the end of April, 2017. Log-in to your myMESA account and download your decision letter. If the status next to your submission says “On Program”, the program committee has placed your submission on the program. If the status next to your submission says “Not on Program”, the program committee did not place your submission on the program.


Categories of Submission
Pre-organized panel
Pre-organized roundtable

Individual paper for panel placement

Thematic conversation
Special session



The Middle East Studies Association calls for submissions from members for its 52nd annual meeting, November 15-18, 2018, in San Antonio, TX.


All submissions must be made through myMESA, MESA's membership and electronic submissions system. The system opens on January 1, 2018, and closes at midnight (Mountain Standard Time) on February 15, 2018.


Meeting Theme–Without Boundaries: The Global Middle East, Then and Now


Many of the problems that concern scholars of the Middle East transcend national and regional boundaries. Contemporary concerns about global warming, environmental degradation, migration and refugees, social movements, human rights and humanitarianism, global economic policy, intellectual networks and cultural exchange—both in their present and historical incarnations—can only be addressed fully if social scientists and humanists expand their vision beyond the constructed boundaries that have all too often constricted it. MESA welcomes paper and panel submissions in early 2018 that respond to this theme.


All Topics Welcome Within MESA's Purview


MESA is primarily concerned with the area encompassing Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan, and the countries of the Arab World from the seventh century to modern times. Other regions, including Spain, Southeastern Europe, China and the former Soviet Union, also are included for the periods in which their territories were parts of the Middle Eastern empires or were under the influence of Middle Eastern civilization. Comparative work is encouraged.


Member Calls for Participation


Please visit: for a list of member calls for participation (panel organizers looking for papers; paper presenters looking for panels).


Before Beginning Your Submission:


1. Log-in to myMESA ( If you are a new user, you will need to set up your account. Returning users will enter their email address and password.

2. Update or complete your user profile. Click the "Profile" button. Click "Personal Info" below that. Check your data, update and enter information as necessary. Click the "category complete, next category" button at the bottom right of the page...this saves your data and moves you to the next section. Keep going through all sections of your profile until complete.

3. Pay 2018 membership dues. Under "membership status" do you see a green check or a red x next to "2018 Membership"? A green check means that your dues are current. A red x means that you need to pay dues. To pay dues, click the "Payments" button on the left and follow the instructions.

4. Familiarize yourself with submission categories and programmatic requirements. This information is key to a successful submission, because it tells you what the program committee will use as review criteria.


Once you've done the above, you should print and follow the electronic submission instructions:


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pdf version

(printer friendly)




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