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Letter opposing a bill proposed by National Union of Israeli Students

Letter protesting a bill proposed by the National Union of Israeli Students that stipulates that academic institutions in Israel are obliged to terminate faculty, lecturers and researchers who express criticism of Israel government policies and practices. The letter condemns, as well, a billboard smear campaign conducted to promote the proposed bill.

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Letter to the President of NYU and the Interim Vice Chancellor of NYUAD regarding the deportation of two NYUAD community members and other repressive acts by the UAE authorities

Our letter expressing concern about reports we have received that students and faculty at NYU Abu Dhabi have been subjected to repressive measures (including deportation) by UAE authorities for expressing their opposition to Israel’s war in Gaza while on campus.

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Letter to Washington University in St. Louis regarding severe beating by police of Professor Steve Tamari and the arrest and suspension of faculty and students

Our letter expressing shock and revulsion at the brutalization of Professor Steve Tamari by police as he peacefully participated in a protest for Palestinian rights on the Washington University in St. Louis campus as well as our concern over the suspension of six of your faculty members for alleged participation in the same protest and the arrest and suspension of many of your students

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Letter protesting the arrest and continued questioning of Professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian

Our letter to the leadership of Hebrew University of Jerusalem and co-signed with the Association for Middle East Women's Studies vehemently protesting the persecution of Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, and specifically, her recent arrest and the investigations into her opinions and academic work.

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Letter regarding ongoing violations at Bogazici University

Our letter to President Erdoğan regarding the ongoing dismantling of faculty governance, top-down appointments of external candidates without the due search process, growing censorship and institutionalization of surveillance, as well as the rapid erosion of academic norms and standards and elimination of student life on the campus of Boğaziçi University under the authoritarian leadership of the Physics professor Naci Inci, appointed as the university rector by President Erdoğan.

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