Jere L. Bacharach Service Award

Jeanne Jeffers Mrad

Ctr Maghrib Studies in Tunis

2002 Recipient

Jeanne Jeffers Mrad

Jeanne Jeffers Mrad

In recognition of her exceptional service to the field of Middle East studies; With deep appreciation for a decade and a half using her consummate diplomatic and academic skills to establish, nurture and bring to a flourishing state the Center for Maghrib Studies in Tunis; For her pivotal role in assisting and encouraging the intellectual activities of scholars from the US, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria including developing a grants program for North African scholars; Her dedicated development of a network linking scholars, resources, library materials and digital reference sites. It is an honor to recognize Jeanne Jeffers Mrad, whose vision and talent has facilitated US-North African scholarly and cultural exchange and by doing so has fostered mutual understanding across many different communities.

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