MESA Mentoring Award

Richard W. Bulliet

Columbia University

2016 Recipient

Richard W. Bulliet

Richard W. Bulliet

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to the education and training of others in Middle East studies. With deep appreciation for his inspiring example of intriguing and wide-ranging scholarship- whether animal, vegetable, mineral, theoretical, cultural, or political- few topics have escaped his joyful exploration; The enthusiasm with which he conveys the enjoyment of study; and for his uncanny ability to speak to the most intelligent, most creative, and inquisitive aspect of a person thereby empowering his students to break new ground in the field; His humor, kindness, understanding, and accessibility as a teacher, as a model, and as a friend. It is an honor to recognize Richard W. Bulliet, an outstanding mentor and historian, who represents and encourages the finest of Middle East studies scholarship.

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